Create. Innovate. Collaborate

QoreCommunity’s mission is to create an inclusive and creative space where K-8 educators, experts, and researchers support and inform each other as they collaborate on the use of relevant evidence-based instruction.


As we create an innovative community of practice where a common language and understanding emerges, we will strive to achieve the following goals: 

  1. Bridging the gap between evidence and practice at scale.
  2. Identifying and problem-solving critical areas of need that affect teaching and learning
  3. Deepening understanding of content areas and classroom climate from both researcher and educator perspectives.
  4. Enabling easy access to evidence-based resources and strategies linked to and stemming from community discussions.
  5. Providing extended learning opportunities to individual teachers, teacher teams, schools, and districts to deepen learning through different levels of community engagement, participation in professional development, and use of technology.