The Classroom Education Plan® (CEP) is a revolutionary platform designed to guide every teacher to the best instructional strategies for his/her students, track the impact of that strategy on each student’s engagement and growth, and enable administrators and teachers to have real-time views into teachers’ and students’ progress.  The CEP is based on extensive research into peer-reviewed studies and is based on real-time teacher and -student voice on both academic and non-academic factors.  It delivers classroom-ready teaching strategies that are ingrained with social-emotional learning, cultural responsiveness, and differentiation.  


The CEP uses AI to analyze the data and provide immediate recommendations to each teacher regarding the best strategies for meeting the needs of each classroom.  It facilitates easy-to-use quick progress monitoring that provides teachers and administrators broad and focused views on classrooms, grades, schools, and districts. The result:  teachers learn what matters to and for their students, and have the tools to achieve meaningful engagement and growth.  Teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators have the data they need to see what they are doing to drive student achievement and the success they are having.

Teacher and Student Input
Classroom Analysis and Student Voice
Machine Learning for Real-time Strategy Matching
Track Impact of Each Strategy at Class, Grade, School, District Level
Monitor Progress in Only 2-3 Minutes per Week
Choose and Implement High-impact Strategies