Our Team

QoreInsights has a diverse and multidisciplinary team of product developers, educators, data scientists, AI experts, education researchers, and superintendents. We specialize in applying learning sciences to teaching and learning, research, product development, curriculum, and professional development, which makes us uniquely positioned to realize the potential of the Classroom Education Plan (CEP). Our team ensures the CEP platform incorporates research-proven, high-rigor, and culturally-sustaining strategies that enable equity and positive growth for the whole child, build social and emotional learning, accelerate academic growth, and nurture student-teacher and peer relationships. We pride ourselves in amplifying student and teacher voices to inform instruction/classroom management and school/district planning. We also enable educators to track the impact of implementation of instructional methods on student growth and adapt to the changing needs of teaching and learning throughout the year. We pride ourselves in our ability to disseminate current research to teachers at scale, and use decision support technology to leverage learning sciences with real-time classroom needs. This means every teacher can get the resources they need when they need them throughout the school year.


Executive Team

Toni Shub, Ed.D.

Founder and CEO


Casey Griffin, M.Ed.

Director of Community/Teacher Applicability

Natalie Knez, M.Ed.

Director of Math Strategies

Yekeia Askins-Trent, Ed.D., M.S

Literacy Team /Instructional Coach Mentor

Brittany Whitby, Ed.D.

Culturally Sustainability Team/SMathematics

Jennifer Waid, OTR/L

Foundational Learning Components

Rachel Lau, OTR/L

Foundational Learning Components/ User Experience

Shreya Nachane

Social & Emotional Learning

Meghan Ormiston

Professional Development/PLCs/Leadership Training



Jim McVety

K12 Spark, Marketing Funding

Paula Reed

K12 Spark, Sales/Marketing Sales/Client Success Advisor

David Irwin

Mktg./Branding Advisor K12 Spark

Doug Roberts

K12 Spark, IEI Founder

Tom Childers

NC Turnaround Principal

Gautam Biswas, Ph.D.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor AI Advisor