GRANT ALERT - Call for Proposals

2024 MicroGrant: AI-Enabled Personalized Professional Learning

QoreInsights is accepting proposals from qualified educational institutions to receive an exclusive free subscription to its acclaimed cloud-based platform – The Classroom Education Plan© (CEP) ( CEP blends AI with teacher and student inputs to catalyze instruction in literacy and math, and boost student engagement.


CEP is a job-embedded professional learning and coach-support platform that uses AI to guide every teacher to targeted evidence-based instructional strategies, tracks impact, and enables real-time insights into student progress and well-being. Elementary teachers (K-6) and coaches can use CEP to improve their core instructional practice. 



Who qualifies? 

2024 MicroGrant: AI-Enabled Personalized Professional Learning is open to any elementary education (K-6) learning institution working with teachers and coaches who would benefit from a tool that elevates teacher and student voice, helps improve core instruction using evidence-based instructional strategies for every classroom, and guide data-informed PLCs.



What is included? 

2024 MicroGrant: AI-Enabled Personalized Professional Learning includes a 2024-2025 Academic School Year  site license(s) for unlimited usage and support for The Classroom Education Plan© (CEP), a value of over $10,000 per award!  Over $30,000 will be awarded in the U.S. Awarded schools will be provided licenses for all general education elementary school teachers (administrators and coaches are free). 




Applications must be returned by April 15, 2024 

Simply click here to complete the Application: 2024 MicroGrant: AI-Enabled Personalized Professional Learning.  

Winners will receive professional learning and ongoing support to ensure successful implementation measured by pre, interim, and post assessments. 

Where can I learn more about the Classroom Education Plan© (CEP)? 
You can find a CEP overview at

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