Corey E. Brady, Ph.D.​


Corey is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences and a member of SMU’s Technology-Enhanced Immersive Learning (TEIL) cluster. His research focuses on mathematical and computational modeling, with a particular emphasis on supporting and understanding the collective learning of classroom groups. He approaches computational thinking and learning from a constructionist perspective, and he engages in design-based research to support and understand new forms of STEAM activity. Before joining SMU, Brady had faculty appointments at Vanderbilt and Northwestern Universities. He worked in industry, leading the design and development of the TI-Navigator system at Texas Instruments (2001-2006), and heading product development and research at two education technology startups. Brady has also been a classroom teacher, at middle school, high school, and community college levels. He holds degrees in Pure Mathematics (MS), English Literature (MA), and Mathematics Education (PhD).