Doug Roberts​

K12 Spark, IEI Founder​

Through his work with school district leaders and edtech entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years, Doug saw a need to bridge the gap between these two groups of brilliant people and find ways to help them foster mutual partnerships. He founded Institute for Education Innovation in 2018 and has impacted the lives of district leaders and the teachers, students, and communities they serve while also enabling organizations that serve education to constantly push for better solutions that will ultimately support students everywhere.

The “IEI Family” is a dedicated membership of mission-driven thought leaders who are committed to improving student outcomes. When faced with challenges, these entrepreneurial-minded school district leaders pivot-on-a-dime to respond with innovation, agility, and resourcefulness. These are many of the same qualities that make edtech companies successful, and when they come together to solve age-old problems in new ways, the results can be profound.