Jennifer Daniel

User Experience/Editing​

Even as we settle into the 21st century surrounded by digital platforms and artificial intelligence, writing is the technology that consistently informs our daily lives. Writing – as is true of all learning – is a social activity, yet sometimes we forget. My experiences as a writing coach and writing teacher equip me with the insight to support writing in a variety of ways. Writing requires meaningful feedback and active listening because it meets us at the nexus of identity, culture, and perspective. For example, my use of southern colloquial phrases and humor in my writing is grounded in being a life-long North Carolinian who loves Eastern NC BBQ and Tar Heel Basketball. I adopt the Andy Taylor method of parenting my three boys, and I love a good story. Working across a wide range of units and with a variety of partners and peers, my ability to coalition-build is often evident in my work practices, teaching practices, and my own writing practices. My training and research in literacy and rhetorical theory help guide my ideas about how writing works and the best ways to support writers.